UO2D-SOS Waypoint

UO2DのSOSウェイポイント作成互換機能(UO2D SOS waypoint compatibility function)

 0b6 で追加されたこの機能は、UO2DクライアントでSOSを開いたデフォルト位置(開いたSOSウィンドウを移動しない)に対して画像スキャンをし、座標の数値と方向を抽出します。

 This function added at 0b6 scans the image at the default position where SOS was opened by the UO2D client (does not move the opened SOS window) and extracts the numerical value and direction of the coordinates.
 The extracted Sextant string is inserted into the text box and if you press "Add marker" as it is, you can mark the map with less steps like UOSA waypoint creation.

 The image on the way of what kind of analysis is done for reference is below.

使用感のデモ動画(Demo video of feeling of use)

0b6 - UO2D SOS waypoint - https://youtu.be/JTmJs4Nf0cc