■ 利用規約 / Terms of service


・ 以外で配布されているバイナリを利用してはならない。
・プログラムに正しく有効なデジタル署名がされており、署名が"Gakuto Matsumura"となっているもの以外を実行してはならない。

・ Commercial use and the distribution should get the author's permission. There is no limitation in the group and individual use.
・ I don't have the responsibility in damage and the problem that use of the program.
・ We strongly prohibit the distribution and redistribution of this software in places not announced at the official website (
・ Do not modify, reverse engineer, analyze, tamper with the software and its related services.

・ Do not use binaries distributed except for
・ Do not tamper with the program or forge the transmission.
・ Do not analyze programs or packets for security investigation or for purposes other than personal research. Also, its analysis content itself should not be disclosed.
・ Do not execute anything other than the program whose digital signature is correctly valid and the signature is "Gakuto Matsumura".
・ Asking for reward on the grounds of providing uovmc's host is forbidden as it will be commercial use.

 ・uovmc.exe の著作権は "弦生ささと (Gakuto Matsumura)" にあります。
 →uovmc.exe, Copyright 2018 弦生ささと (Gakuto Matsumura). All rights reserved.